Hello there. I am General Sephiroth. Lately I’ve been so focused on work that my friends wanted me to go out and have fun. They want me to meet people. So here I am, trying to meet people. Specifically, they want me to date. What took me most of my life to figure out though is that I’m gay. A big gay man. Surprise.

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M!A Status: None


Leather Lord


(If any of you would like one made, let me know and I’ll consider it if there aren’t too many of you. I also have other things I make, like in the second picture. And other things that I don’t have a picture of off-hand so… yeah.)


Here are a few more pictures of the other guys I sew. I started with them and then just created that weird one with the arms (?) this week and I just did Cthulhu yesterday into today.

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